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As a small business owner you need to work efficiently. Westway PC has great customer service with long term solutions. Mike is an asset to our small business. When he leaves our locations things are running as they should be without any issues. He has accomplished things others could not. Always pleased!

Cindy Petansky S & C Machining, LLC

Westway PC Rocks! I can’t say enough about how helpful, friendly and knowledgeable Mr. Del Monico has been in helping us with our network support and file retrieval. I called on Mike to help locate a “lost” file and he responded quickly, going above and beyond to help us retrieve it, with NO prior knowledge of our software, servers or network system. I highly recommend Westway PC and Mike Del Monico for hardware and software technical support.

Sincerely, Jo Brownfield

A bit about our staff...

Since 1997, Westway PC has been helping small businesses like yours get back up and running or upgrade computers and networks to keep up with growth and technology. We are not about using the latest and greatest technology or dazzling you with technobabble. We are small business owners ourselves and understand that you need what fits your IT requirements and budget, whether a single computer or a complex network.

As a small business, you value calling customers by name. We do too! Tired of getting different computer service technicians everytime you have a computer failure, network issue, or malware problem? At Westway PC you will get the same tech every time Someone who knows your business and your name, and doesn't have to start from scratch figuring out your network topology. It's just like having your very own "Part-Time IT Department"!

Mike Del Monico...

is a native Houstonian, professional Computer and Networking Expert with 14 years experience. No Geeks. No Nerds..


    Mike Del Monico

    Is a seasoned professional that started working with Personal Computers before Windows 95 arrived on the scene. If you remember config.sys and autoexec.bat, then you could talk to him about MS-Dos 5.