Westway PC

Onsite Computer, Server, and Network Services


Network Services and Support

Keep Your Network Up and Running

Our network services keep your small business up and running. As your “Part-Time IT Department”, we handle all the details of your business network. From design to hardware and software procurement to installation and support, we take the hassle out of owning a computer network. Complaints about slow or broken networks is how we meet many of our new customers. Small business folks don’t have time to read manuals, experiment with solutions, or stay up on the latest technology. So, improperly supported networks that are supposed to make you employees more productive actually drain time and money. When your network doesn't work, or its performance is degraded, your productivity goes down. Westway PC has the experience and tools to keep your network secure and performing at peak levels. Yes, we can fix your broken network, but we also can prevent viruses, people, and faulty equipment from destroying your business’ productivity and your reputation with your customers. Here are some of the services we provide:

onsite network support
  • Network & Server Setup and Administration
  • Backup Strategies / Implementation
  • Security Consultation and Assessment
  • Internet and Router Configuration and Setup
  • VPN and Remote Access solutions
  • Monitoring Network Services

Network Design and Installation

Our network design and installation services help growing businesses like yours stay productive and minimize downtime. While we meet many of our customers because their networks are broken, we can also assess your business needs to determine what computing power, bandwidth, and data security you need. Then we handle all the details to install your new effective network:

  • Identify necessary hardware and software
  • Work with vendors
  • Install all network components
  • Test the network in your environment
  • Set up monitoring and preventive measures for data, security, and performance.