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Outlook 2010 Won’t Authenticate or Save Password on Office365 on One Machine

Have Outlook 2010 Authentication Problems on an Office 365 Machine?

Is your computer’s Outlook 2010 refusing to authenticate or won’t save your password when trying to connect to Office365? There is a Microsoft patch for that.┬áThe patch is kb2553248 and links from here…

This week, I had one computer that just wouldn’t authenticate after an autodiscovery setup Outlook 2010 that gave all green checkmarks. It said: “You must restart Outlook”. When I did, it wouldn’t accept the password. So I ran the patch above and it worked as designed. Problem solved.

I believe this patch comes down in Office SP2. But for some reason, even though Windows Update said no updates available, this one fixed the issue instantly. I hope this saves someone else the 5 hours it took me to find the glitch in M/$ and Office 365. Tally-Ho!!


16 Responses to Outlook 2010 Won’t Authenticate or Save Password on Office365 on One Machine

  1. THANK YOU!! I could not get past the windows security prompt – spent a lot of time looking for what I was doing wrong. This fixed my problem instantaneously. thanks again!

  2. Thank You!!! it’s working very well.

  3. Wow, if i could i would send you a virtual hug right now.
    Thanks man, i have been boggling with this the whole day.

  4. Awesome…thank you Mike! All this time and I just came across a few with the same problem. I’m right there with the virtual hug. Thanks!

  5. Avatar Marcus da Silva
    Marcus da Silva says:

    Awesome, thanks very much Mike, saved me and my client any amount of screwing around.
    Upgraded a site to office365 with about 40-50 users, only two had this issue.

    Much appreciated.

  6. I had the same problem; it worked

  7. I lost an hour before finding this… Fixed the issue in a heartbeat.

  8. THANKS!!!! I lost about a half hour until i stumbled onto this!

  9. Still a valid fix. Props!

  10. Huge thanks for this fix! We were doing an Office365 migration like Marcus da Silva was and had just this one user who could not connect. After juggling his computer around with a few other issues, I stumbled on this article. The patch worked like a charm! Thanks so much for the assist!

    P.S. – It may not hurt to also clear any stored credentials the user may have for Outlook (Control Panel -> Credential Manager)

  11. Just worked for me still…Outlook 2010 trying to autodiscover to O365 account. Dialog box kept pretending my un/pw was wrong and wouldn’t let me finish setting up the account. After this update, went right through. Thanks holmes!

  12. Thank you so much. So many fixes for this problem and none work except for this. Still took me hours as your fix wasn’t easy to sumble onto, but saved my life.

  13. Avatar hanan ali
    hanan ali says:

    hey sir……. you saved my life today.. i was troubleshooting it for last 2 hours… and client was asking is it done or not…. phew…
    great… thank you so much..

  14. Avatar Walter Lynd
    Walter Lynd says:


  15. Brilliant!!!!

    Thanks a Mil, worked like a charm

  16. Thank you Thank you..This has resolved Outlook 2010 issue connecting to O365 after a migration. A solid solution that still works! **KUDOS**