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Outlook unwanted folder Android Galaxy exchange

Unwanted folder appearing in Outlook when on Exchange and using an Android or Galaxy phone

Today I had a user call and tell me he has a new folder in his Outlook called “Unwanted”! Even though “I” often feel unwanted, it just so happened i knew what it was. The organization is on Offce365(Sux) and he has an Android phone. Well, it appears that the newer Androids have a spam filter that creates the now infamous “Unwanted” folder in your mail database on the server. You can delete it till you’re blue in the face, it comes right back. Along with the stupid “Clutter” folder that Office 365 contains. Enough with the added folders in Outlook already Micro$oft! The Junk folder works fine, and it has for years.

Here’s how to rid yourself of the unwanted, unwanted folder.

1. On the phone, open the E-Mail app
2. Hit the Menu Key > Settings > General Settings
3. Select Spam Addresses and look for any errant email addresses
4. Remove those addresses

As every phone manufacturer and service provider has the ability to change the gui in any phones they sell, your particular phone may be different. Keep poking around in the email settings until you find the junk email filter, and either turn it off, or remove whatever domains are being blocked. This may help.

Spam filters are a client-level feature of Samsung’s Email app on many Galaxy devices.  To configure the settings, proceed through the following steps:
1.  When email is filtered within the Email app, a Junk folder is created that syncs to the user’s Exchange mailbox.
2.  The feature allows users to block email addresses as spam and allows rules to be created that can block certain messages from reaching the Inbox.  To access these features in the Email app, tap the Menu key and then Settings.
3.  Tap General settings.
4.  Tap Spam addresses.
5.  Email addresses or domains can be blocked or removed in Spam addresses.  In some cases, false positives are caused by an address that is mistakenly blocked.
6.  Rules for filtering is also part of the spam filter feature, and can be accessed from General Settings.  If messages are being moved to the Junk folder and the address is not listed in Spam addresses, check the Rules for filtering section for any rules that may be blocking the message(s).
7.  The Rules for filtering section also allows messages containing set key words in subjects to be blocked from all or certain senders.  As these rules are applied at the client level, messages must first reach the device before being filtered this way.
There ya go….No more unwanted folder in Outlook.
Mike Del Monico
Westway PC

2 Responses to Outlook unwanted folder Android Galaxy exchange

  1. Early in your instructions, I’d like to know what constitutes an “errant” email address? All of the email addresses under the Spam Addresses are spam oriented addresses and probably should be there for future receipts from those spam senders. I wouldn’t want to delete those since they were previously identified as spam sending addresses, right? I just want messages from all of those senders to go to the Junk folder where they belong and not the “Unwanted” folder.

    • Mike,
      In this users case, the Samsung modified Active Sync clients email filter was sending other employee’s mails there that were in the same DOMAIN. Ask Samsung why. Perhaps to many links generated to high a spam score for the modified email filter. In any case, I would let the Office365 spam filter do that job. I had him turn the PHONES spam filter off, and it fixed his problem. You can of course leave it on, and chase emails. Up to you….:)

      Mike Del Monico