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  • Windows 8.1 Update to Include the Very Much Missed Start Button

    Windows 8.1 Brings Back the Start Button!

    It appears Microsoft has come to its senses! They ¬†released an update to Windows 8 that includes the very much missed “Start” button. If you hate the “Metro” interface as much as I do, this will be a welcome change! One click away from the Windows 7 interface.

    Maybe now Windows 8 will be accepted in the enterprise. How many CEOs want to put big “Netflix” and “Facebook” icons on their employees desktop? Hopefully, there will be a way to start Windows 8 WITHOUT the Metro interface even popping up.¬† There WAS a reason you could still order new computers from Dell with Windows 7 Pro installed wasn’t there? Now they need to get rid of Office 365 and the world will be as it should.