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  • IE 10 or IE 11 Displays Blank White Page After Clicking on Link

    Is Internet Explorer Displaying a Blank Page When You Click on a Link?

    After much research, I think I have a solution for this issue. I had the same problem everyone is having. When browsing with IE 10 or IE 11, I sometimes get a blank page when clicking a link. If I enter the URL, then the page may come up, but many pages still come up blank even if entered directly in browser. Hit F12 and the entire debug page is blank.

    Fix your IE Settings

    The first thing to do to attempt to address this issue is go to Tools>Internet Options>Advanced. Then click on “Reset Internet Explorer Settings” and restart IE. This will fix a great deal of these problems.

    If that doesn’t work, try checking the box at the top of the same page, Tools>Internet Options>Advanced, “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering”. If that has no effect, you may have an old anti-virus program that you have un-installed that is affecting IE.

    Is Anti-Virus Software Interfering?

    AVG, Norton, McAfee, and other anti-virus protection software all have special removal tools that strip all traces of their crummy software from your machine. Run these utilities first before extensive troubleshooting. It will save many users much time. Even if you have uninstalled old anti-virus software, you can go to your that vendor’s website and get their removal tool and get the remnants of the old software off your computer. That fixed my issue immediately. 

    If you aren’t aware of any removed anti-virus programs, you may have to download all of the anti-virus vendors removal tools and run each one until you find which one is mucking up IE.

    This isn’t a Microsoft issue. It’s an anti-virus vendor issue. As Internet Explorer is deeply embedded in the operating system, anti-virus has a much larger effect on it than Firefox, Chrome, and other browsers which aren’t part of the operating system.

    Note: Be very careful where you download these removal tools from. Make sure you are at the original vendor’s website. Many malicious websites use sub-domains such as “” to get you to download fake removal tools. Beware! Oh, and if this helped, please go to my Google Plus page and give me a “Like” as it helps me get more “Google Juice”! Cheers!