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Outlook on SBS 2008 or Exchange 2007 Constantly Asks for Password

Domain-Authenticated Outlook  Continually Asks for Password on SBS 2008 or Exchange 2007

This one has been stumping me for years. I have several machines on my SBS domain that suddenly started asking me for my email password. That shouldn’t happen on a domain because when you log on to your computer on a domain, it caches your credentials. Even if your machine isn’t talking to the domain (laptop not on the LAN), it should log on using cached domain credentials. You can even look at your credentials in Control Panel>User Accounts to see if they are there and correct, which all of them displaying the problem were. And it wasn’t EVERY machine in my domain, just random ones. I had looked and researched the problem endlessly on TechNet and the worthless where they call they’re own posts answers…..just a stupid place to look for a cure for a problem. M/$ should abandon that.

Outlook Authentication Problem Solved

I have finally found the cure for this annoying problem and it’s easy-peasy. Look up KB970162 and download Update Rollup 9 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1. It can be found here . Run it on your Exchange Server 2007 and poof! No more password prompts where there shouldn’t be. I hope this helps someone from endless searches for this particular problem cause it took me years to find it.


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  1. Thanks. That fixed my problem straight away.