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Windows 10 Technical Preview has arrived!

Windows 10 Preview has arrived!


Windows 10 Technical Preview Download is Available

Windows 10 preview is here and is now available as a download from Microsoft. According to sources, the final version should be out the middle of 2015. No information on pricing or upgrade paths have been announced yet, but there are rumors that it could actually be free or close to free as an upgrade to people who are unhappy for whatever reason with Windows 8 (which is most everyone I have talked to about it).

Microsoft’s habit of getting every other operating system right may hold great hope for this one. Remember Windows ME? YUCK! Then XP came out and it was great. Then Vista, another disappointment,  then Windows 7. So if this pattern continues, maybe they got this one right.

One feature I like is that I have heard you have control over whether the Apps (or Programs…I’m old school….I still have MS-DOS 5 install disks) run in full screen or in a window like we all want them to.

 Also, something new is running Programs (Ok—Apps) in virtual machines on your desktop may be available. This might be cool, if you have plenty of memory. If you’re buying a new machine any time soon, I would not hesitate to stick 32gb of RAM in it. Memory is so cheap, and you really can’t have too much. Nothing has been said if a 32-bit version will be available, but I kinda doubt it. Here’s hoping the hardware companies hurry up with driver support, or possibly the current crop of drivers will work.

Windows 10 Brings Back the Start Menu 

windows 10 startmenu

One things is absolutely certain. THE START MENU IS BACK! And that is an improvement.